Providing scholarships to qualified individuals through Oakland City University

What some of our recipients have said:

Thank you for your generosity inn funding the Davis /Phillips Endowment Fund. I plan to porsue a caree in worship arts upon graduation.


Thank you for your support. Without you I  wuldn't have been able to attend this wonderful University and have an amazing time with friends as I grow closer to God.


By awarding me the Davis/Phillips Endowment Scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus on the mist important aspect of school...learning!


 It has been a dream of mine to come to OCU for quite some time. I am very involved in my small church in Kentucky as well as here at OUC. I never thought it would be possible to attend OCU due to financials. Your generosity has made this much easier.  I hope to use my time here to further my faith and learn how to become a great leader and pastor.


 I was very happy to learn that I was a recipient of the Davis/Phillips Endowment scholarship. I am writing to thank you.  I am a worship arts major and plan to pursue a career in worship leadership upon my graduation on 2020. Your generosity has allowed me to one step closer to my goal. 


 Thank you for your generous award from the Davis/Phillips Endowment Scholarship. I am a sophomore at OUC with a double major in worship arts and Christian studies. I plan to pursue a career in music ministry Your generosity has brought me one step closer to that goal.


Thank your for your generosity that allowed me to be a recipient of the Davis/Phillips Endowment.......because of this scholarship, I will be able to continue ministry through furthering my education. This is truly all I could ever ask for! God bless you and your family!


Thank your for your generous award to me from the Davis-Phillips Endowment Fund. I am a Worship Arts major. I plan to pursue a career in worship ministry when I graduate in 2020.


Thank your for your generous award to me from the Davis-Phillips Endowment Fund. I am a Worship Arts major as well as a Christian Studies major. I plan to pursue a career in music when I graduate in 2021. Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal.  Thank you for your generosity and support.


This is my senior year at Oakland City University. I thank you and God for the financial help I have received in pursuing my degree. I hope to pursue my Masters degree after graduating here in May 2017. I can't thank you enough!


I am writing to say thank you for your generous reward from the Davis/Phillips Endowment Scholarship. My major is Studio Arts. This scholarship has helped me continue towards my degree. 


I am writing in appreciation of you generous contribution to the Endowment Fund of Oakland City University. I have received the Davis/Phillips Endowment which will, as a freshman, help me continue my education at Oakland City University. I plan to pursue a career in special education when I graduate in 2020. Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal. Once I graduate, I plan to "give back" to those with special needs who inspire me so much. Again thank you for your generosity.


Thank you so much for your donation! This truly does help me and my family in affording to go to OCU. I am s blessed that there are people out there like you willing to to donate. Again than you so much!


I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. Due to the endowment I received I am closer to fulfilling the call God has placed on my life.  I am a senior this year and have traveled to Honduras three times for a total of three months and hope to invest there after graduation.  Thank you so much for your help to get me there....


Thank you so much for your generous support for my education. I am currently in my last semester here at OCU and cannot wait to start my career in nonprofit and make a difference in this world.  Your support has made my journey here at OCU possible.


Thank you for your generous award to me from the DavisPhillips Endowment. Your support is helping me reach my goal of graduating with a bachelors degree.... I plan to work in the pharmaceutical industry when I graduate from Oakland City University in 2017. Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal.


Thank you for your award from the DavisPhillips Endowment. It has truly been a blessing that has helped me in becoming closer to graduation this spring! Thank you for this support!


Thank you both so much for the Davisphillips endowment.  This will greatly help me get through college. I am so grateful for this. 


I really appreciate the endowment money. it has helped me quite a bit this past semester.


I appreciate your generous donation. Your family will be in my prayers.


 Thank you so much for your generous gift to Oakland City University.  Your commitment has helped me tremendously. I hope to use my educational and spiritual growth to make an impact for Christ.


Thank you so much for the endowment money.  It will really help me pay for school".

Karissa ...02/13

Thank you so much for the endowment scholarship!  Without these generous offerings I would not be at OCU.  I cannot tell you how much this helps me'.

Elizabeth ... 02/13

I want to thank you so much for your generous gift.  It is much appreciated and will help me so much on my Journey for the next 4 years.

Morgan ... 02/13

Thank you so much for the endowment money.  It will come in handy for my college.

Karissa ...02/12

I am a junior this year.......  This money will help me so much to further my education.  Thank you very much for the scholarship.  I feel very blessed to receive this especially since times are so stressful.  Again, thank you!

Elizabeth ... 02/12

I am in receipt of your generous scholarship gift for this school year. I am very grateful for this financial assistance as I pursue my four year degree in accounting......I graduated fourth in my high school class and was awarded The United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award for academic achievement and leadership as a high school scholar. That award gave me a lot of confidence in myself. Your scholarship award gives me that same boost of confidence.

Kimberly... 12/11

Thank you so much for providing the Davis Phillips Scholarship for students in need like me.  I greatly appreciate the scholarship because it definitely helps with making my education possible.  I will be graduating in May with a Bachelors in Music Education and without God and people like you I would not have been able to make it to this point because of financial reasons.  I pray a blessing over you for your generosity.

Amy... 12/11

I bless God for your generosity...Your gift comes at a crucial time in my academic career, and with God's help I will do everything in my power to best honor your donation. My love for school and the desire I have to spread the Good News has been strengthened greatly through your kindness.


I was recently notified by Oakland City University that I have been awarded an endowment grant for this next school year.  I understand that I have you to thank for this. I am looking forward to attending OCU and my plan is to graduate with a degree in physical education. Your generosity is enabling me to attend and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your incredible kindness.


I appreciate the endowment you sent me to further my college education. I am truly blessed by your generosity. Thank you so much and God bless you.

James... 02/10

My name is Jeremy.  I have received a grant that is funded by your donation.  I am a junior in college and I appreciate your help.  I wish to thank you in person and tell you what your assistance means to me.  My family is having a rough time affording things and I have picked up hours at work on top of the many hours of studying at night.  I am very thankful to know there are people nice enough to help those in need like you are doing for me and giving me the opportunity to fulfill a dream.  Without you helping me, this dream will always be out of my grasp.  I will strive to make all the assistance I receive count and graduate to become an educator to make amends for what everyone has done for me.  I appreciate everybody’s support.  I wish that you will acknowledge my appreciation and that everything goes well for you and your family in the present and in the future.

Jeremy... 05/09

I would like to thank you for your very generous donation.  I am a sophomore at Oakland City University where I am majoring in Elementary Education.  It has been a dream of mine to become a teacher since I was in elementary school myself.  My parents have been gracious enough to help with my college payments, but this past year my father’s hours were cut at work.  We were struggling to make my next payment and I thought I was going to have to transfer to a different school.  But thanks to this grant, I will now be able to stay at Oakland City University.  Once again, thank you very much!

Jacob… 01/09

I recently received an endowment scholarship from your contribution to Oakland City University.  I am sending this letter of appreciation in order to thank you for your help in furthering my education.  Donations such as yours have allowed me to pursue God’s call in my life and also helped me to acquire skills necessary to be an effective minister.

Matthew... 01/09

I wanted to send you a letter thanking you for donating to the Endowment Scholarship program at Oakland City University.  Because of your gift through the Davis/Phillips Endowment Scholarship you have made it possible for me to attend the 2005 fall semester at Oakland City University.  I thank God for people like you who bless and make it possible for ministers like me to get the education needed for ministry.

Alec... 12/05

Thank you for your generous donation in letting me receive the Davis/Phillips Endowment Scholarship.  I appreciate it and will put it towards my education at Oakland City University.

Andrea… 11/03